BSB50120 – Diploma of Business

Diploma of Business

Your pathway to success in business

Position yourself for career advancement or entrepreneurial success with the BSB50120 Diploma of Business. This comprehensive program equips students with the vital skills to manage a business and drive business growth.

Course Information

The Diploma of Business provides a career segway into various roles, including Business Management, Leadership, Project Management, and Sustainability. Skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and project management are highly transferable and in high demand across many industries. Graduates will gain both knowledge and practical skills to organisation striving for growth and sustainability. Additionally, this course equips business owners and managers with the necessary skills to navigate and expand their businesses competitively within the ever-evolving, technology-driven landscape of e-commerce.

The course is clustered into five modules, with assessments covering the units of competency listed in each module. 

Manage Personal & Professional Development  

Learn how to communicate effectively, manage personal and team development, cultivate emotional intelligence, nurture critical thinking, and lead teams toward success. 

Team Effectiveness  

Establish and manage a high-performing cohesive team who are well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities in today’s dynamic business environment. 

Business Relationships  

As a workplace leader it is important to ensure clear and persuasive communication amongst team members. This module equips learners with the tools to establish trust, foster collaboration, and ensure that the organisation’s internal and external relationships impact positively to its overall success. 

Business Plans 

Planning for any business is imperative to comprehend growth margins, taking into consideration available resources, financial constraints, and sustainability. To succeed in project and business planning, a leader must maintain solid and ongoing communication with their team. 

Business Resources  

Managing business resources involves optimising the allocation and utilisation of assets, human capital, and financial resources, to ensure efficiency and support the achievement of organisational objectives.

Each module consists of a range of assessment types:

  • Written Assessments – short answer questions and case studies.
  • Online Quizzes – multiple choice, fill in the gap and mix and match.
  • Third Party Role Plays – these can be completed by video or access to an industry qualified third party to complete these with you.

BSBXCM501 – Lead communication in the workplace  
BSBLDR412 – Communicate effectively as a workplace leader  
BSBPEF502 – Develop and use emotional intelligence  
BSBPEF501 – Manage personal and professional development  
BSBCRT511 – Develop critical thinking in others  
BSBTWK502 – Manage team effectiveness 
BSBTWK401 – Build and maintain business relationships  
BSBPMG430 – Undertake project work  
BSBOPS501 – Manage business resources  
BSBFIN501 – Manage budgets and financial plans  
BSBOPS601 – Develop and implement business plans  
BSBSUS511 – Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability

Enrolment is valid for twelve (12) months. Completion timeframe estimates vary amongst our learners based on industry background and study capacity. However, we do expect most of our learners will complete in a shorter timeframe than the enrolment period. Many of our students have achieved this qualification in within six (6) months.

Online (remote self-paced)  

Distance learning: online self-paced learning is for those students who have the capacity and ability to study with minimal guidance. If you are new to industry and/or study, we strongly suggest completing your course via virtual classroom.   

Virtual class (blended learning – consists of part virtual classroom and remote self-paced learning)  

Virtual training requires groups of six (6) or more. If you have a group or would like to express your interest for any upcoming scheduled public dates, please contact our friendly team.

Recognition of Prior Learning  

If you have previous industry experience or conducted prior training, you may be eligible for Recognition of prior learning. Please refer to the RPL information page to determine the eligibility criteria.  

Credit Transfer  

If you have previous industry completed or partially completed training with another education institute, you may be eligible for credit transfer. Please refer to the credit transfer page for more information.

26 CPD hours

Post-Nominal – DipBus

Students need access to a computer, printer and Microsoft type software to complete all the assessment requirements. The student will either have a workplace supervisor observe and sign off their role plays, or upload videos of role plays to be assessed. 

Payment can be made with credit card during the enrolment process or via the online learner portal, once the enrolment is complete.  Alternatively, payments are accepted via bank transfer, the invoice number must be entered as the reference.  Access to material and assessments will be granted once funds have cleared in our account.

Student support is available via the learner portal, email, and telephone.

Our Student Support and Resources has information available including:

  • Additional training and tutorials
  • Reasonable adjustment
  • Counselling and personal support
  • Mental Health

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BSB50120 - Diploma of Business

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