FNS50322 – Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management [UPGRADE]

Diploma of Finance and
Mortgage Broking Management Upgrade

Pathway from a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

The FNS50322 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management Upgrade, is for individuals who have previously completed a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking qualification. Any equivalent units completed within the Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking may be credited towards this qualification. The credit transfer process is completed as a first step post enrolment.  

For those who have completed the FNS40821 or FNS40820 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking with AAMC Training, there will be more equivalent units credited to the Diploma upgrade.

For those who have completed an earlier version of the Certificate IV (FNS40810, FNS40811 or FNS40815),  there may be less credit transfer due to non-equivalency of units in the older versions of this qualification.  Please contact us for enrolment options if you hold a Certificate IV FNS40804.

Please note that when enrolling into the Diploma upgrade you must select the correct option based on the Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking you hold.  

If you have been a broker for over two years and have experience with complex lending, please consider the Diploma Upgrade via RPL.

Course Information

Below are all the course modules offered as part of the FNS50322 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management. As mentioned above, there may not be a requirement to complete all the modules based on the credit transfer received.


This module is an introduction to the finance industry and the role of a finance broker. Learn about the many participants, sectors, and roles of the industry, including legislation and regulation impacting the role of a licensed finance broker, and how to operate compliantly using the systems and supports available.


Acting ethically is crucial to the success of a finance broker.  Gain knowledge about ethical biases, cognitive biases and ethical decision making. 

Professional Relationships

Ongoing business relationships are vital to sustaining a successful broking business. Discover how to engage and build relationships with clients, industry participants and third-party referrers.

Personal and Professional Development

This module focuses on managing personal professional development activities, how to prioritise and plan daily work tasks and goals. Learn how to support team members with their own work priorities and professional development.

Loan Application

Develop knowledge and understanding of different loan types and structures, including lender appetite and policy. This module illustrates the basics of how to commence the loan application journey with clients and manage the loan submission to post-settlement.

Complex Lending

Develop knowledge and understanding of more complex loan types and structures, as well as, how to manage the loan application from first contact with a client through to post settlement of the loan application.


Risk management is a critical part of maintaining a compliant business – it is important to understand how to identify and manage potential risks before they occur, and the best strategies for dealing with them, should they occur.

Grow Your Business

Growing your business is all about planning! This module teaches how to plan ahead by considering target market clients, competitors, products and the actions for planning promotional activities in line with growth targets.

Each module consists of a range of the following assessment types:

  • Written Assessments – short answer questions and case studies.
  • Online Quizzes – multiple choice, fill in the gap, mix and match.
  • Third Party Role Plays – these can be completed by video or access to an industry qualified third party to complete these with you.
  • FNSFMK515 Comply with financial services regulation and industry codes of practice 
  • FNSCMP501 Comply with financial services legislation 
  • FNSCUS511 Develop and maintain professional relationships in financial services industry 
  • FNSFMB411 Prepare loan applications on behalf of clients 
  • FNSFMB412 Identify client needs and present broking options 
  • FNSINC412 Apply and maintain knowledge of financial products and services
  • FNSFMB512 Identify and develop credit options for clients with special financial circumstances 
  • FNSFMB513 Present credit options to clients with special financial circumstances 
  • FNSFMB514 Implement complex loan structures 
  • FNSINC411 Conduct work according to professional practices in the financial services industry 
  • FNSINC514 Apply ethical frameworks and principles to make and act upon decisions 
  • BSBPEF501 Manage personal and professional development 
  • FNSPRM613 Grow financial practices 
  • FNSRSK512 Assess risks 
  • FNSRSK511 Undertake risk identification 

Enrolment is valid for a period of: 

  • Diploma Upgrade from FNS40810-15: Ten (10) months 
  • Diploma Upgrade from FNS40820-21: Seven (7) months 

Course extensions of up to three (3) months may be granted upon request, an extension fee will apply. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information. 

Although we provide 7-10 months to complete the course, many that have an industry background or understanding of the broking process may already be familiar with some of the content of the course and assessment requirements. Based on previous student data we have established that the course may be done within 8-12 weeks. This will also largely depend on personal capacity and availability. Those without an industry background, but have more available time to study, may also be able to achieve a similar time frame.  

Online (remote self-paced) 

Distance learning: online self-paced learning is for those students who have the capacity and ability to study with minimal guidance. If you are new to industry and/or study, we strongly suggest completing your course via virtual classroom.  

Virtual class (blended learning – consists of part virtual classroom and remote self-paced learning) 

Attend a virtual class workshop from home or office, delivered via Zoom. Our highly experienced trainers guide participants through each module, using ‘true to life” client scenarios. Assessments are expected to be completed post-class. However, our trainer will cover the requirements during class.

Return for free!  Our virtual class option allows you to re-attend your selected workshops during your enrolment period. 

Recognition of Prior Learning 

If you have been a Finance/Mortgage Broker for 2 years or more and have experience in brokering complex loan applications, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Please refer to the RPL information page to determine the eligibility criteria.

Credit Transfer 

If you have been awarded a record of result or statement of attainment for a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, then you may request Credit Transfer for any equivalent units of competency. You will need to provide a USI transcript with QR code OR copy of your a statement of attainment and completed privacy disclosure form. Your credit transfer request will then be reviewed, and you will be notified when your request has been approved. 

If you have completed an earlier version of the Certificate IV (FNS40810, FNS40811 or FNS40815) you may receive less credit transfer due to non-equivalency of units in the previous versions of this course.  If you completed a Certificate IV prior to those listed above, please contact us to discuss your options.

Evidence required to apply for credit transfer: 

  • Provide an electronic copy of your certificate – this must contain as a minimum a QR Code 
  • Contact the USI Department to provide AAMC Training (RTO 51428) temporary access to generate a USI transcript from the USI portal to verify units completed from your Certificate IV.  

Continued professional development hours are not based on how long it takes an individual to complete the course.   

Diploma Upgrade from FNS40810-15:

    • Online/Virtual class: 22  CPD hours
    • RPL: 10 CPD hours

Diploma Upgrade from FNS40820-21: 

    • Online/Virtual class: 16 CPD hours
    • RPL: 10 CPD hours
Post Nominal: DipFMBM

Payment can be made with credit card during the enrolment process or via the online learner portal, once the enrolment is complete.  Alternatively, payments are accepted via bank transfer, the invoice number must be entered as the reference.  Access to material and assessments will be granted once funds have cleared in our account

The FNS50322 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management is currently the highest qualification for Finance and Mortgage Brokers. If you are seeking to broaden your business management skills, consider completing our BSB50120 Diploma of Business. Discounted course fees apply for existing AAMC Training members.

Student support is available via the learner portal, email, and telephone.

Our Student Support and Resources has information available including:

  • Additional training and tutorials
  • Reasonable adjustment
  • Counselling and personal support
  • Mental Health

Traineeships & Funding

Victorian state funding may be available for this course. Check the eligibility requirements here.

Traineeships are an excellent way for employers to recruit and integrate new employees into their business, whilst they progress through their qualification. Click here for more information.

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