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Certificate IV in Finance
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Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management


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Why choose a Traineeship?

Choosing a Traineeship can benefit employers and employees.

Traineeships provide an excellent opportunity for employers to recruit and develop new talent while imparting valuable knowledge and skills to propel them towards success within your business. The governments of Australia, both state and federal, offer attractive financial incentives to those employers who hire trainees, and these incentives may vary depending on various factors such as the trainee’s employment contract, the location of your business, and your employees eligibility criteria.

With AAMC Training as your preferred Registered Training Provider (RTO), you can rest assured that your trainees will receive quality education from a reputable institution. There is huge potential with traineeships and you can leverage these programs to your business’s advantage through strategic hiring and training practices.

There are multiple benefits of hiring a trainee. You don’t necessarily have to hire someone under a traineeship that has just left school or is new to industry – traineeships can work for those who may have had some industry experience but have not previously completed studies. Whatever the age or experience, there are some real positives to hiring a trainee. Here are some:

  • Your training cost may be covered by the federal government grant
  • Educate candidates to suit your business systems and approach
  • Fresh ideas and knowledge – trainees can bring a different perspective; skill sets and knowledge to your business
  • Great retention strategy – trainees have the benefit of completing a qualification, whilst learning on the job

Contact AAMC Training to discuss course options in line with job role requirements, to ensure the course is the right fit for your business and the job role outcome.  

Once this has been established, we will provide preliminary course options and pricing. This is to ensure you are fully aware of what we offer before selecting us as the right RTO for you. 

If you have not yet found a suitable candidate, we are happy to provide you with some good hiring tips!

The next step is to get you in contact with an Australian Apprenticeships Support Network (AASN) in your local area. The ASSN will assess if your candidate is eligible for a traineeship. Once confirmed they will organise a meeting with you and your trainee to complete a training contract. Once the training contract has been lodged and approved via the relevant state portal, AAMC Training will be notified. 

Once notification is received that the traineeship has been approved via the state portal, our traineeships team will contact you to confirm details, book in an induction session with you, the trainee, and any work place allocated supervisor/s. During the induction, the team will discuss our process and documents required.  

As part of the legislated requirements and joint commitment to your trainee, it is important to establish a training and support plan. This plan covers some important information such as; 

  • How the training will be delivered by AAMC Training and tools provided 
  • Who will be the employer in-house allocated workplace supervision/trainer 
  • Use of study allocated business hours and support to be provided 

Virtual visits between all parties will ensure that the traineeship is on track with the original training plan. These visits allow all parties to discuss and document the progress of the trainee both with their course and within the workplace, in line with the core course competencies. Visitation requirements differ in each state and are conducted virtually at a mutually agreed time. The trainee and the nominated supervisor must attend the induction and all virtual visits. All virtual sessions are recorded for quality and training purposes.

*Please note the process for traineeships may differ in each state.

Standard course fees apply as per the website advertised price. There are no discounts offered with traineeship enrolments. In addition to the course fee, a traineeship administration fee of up to $1,500 per trainee will apply. This covers our administration and management of the traineeship process, including schedule visitations for the first twelve (12) months. Additional fees will apply for each consecutive year under the term of the traineeship contract.

Employer responsibilities

  • Provide relevant on-the-job training 
  • Provide supervision of their Trainee 
  • Allow the trainee time to complete tasks associated with the training plan during paid work time and as stated in their government contract (known as off-the-job training) 
  • A minimum of three (3) hours per week release from normal work duties for structured training averaged over a 4-week period (pro-rata for part time employees). 
  • Complete all required paperwork and attend induction, and all visitations required by the AASN and AAMC Training (as nominated RTO) 
  • Notify both the AASN and AAMC Training if a Trainee is not progressing, the employer is unable to continue supporting the trainee, or the trainee has resigned and/or no longer with the business

Trainee responsibilities

  • Attend virtual classroom training sessions (if this is the chosen delivery) within the mandated time frames 
  • Progress through the course material and assessments prior to the nominated completion date 
  • Attend induction and traineeship visits scheduled with AAMC Training

AAMC Training responsibilities

  • Provide quality support to employers and trainees 
  • Provide the most up to date qualification 
  • Deliver relevant training and quality training 
  • Ensuring trainers and assessors maintain industry currency 
  • Provide relevant tools and support in line with the traineeship legislated government requirements 
  • Adhering to our training terms and conditions

AAMC Training may decline/refuse or cancel the training contract at any time if an employer or trainee does not meet the required obligations, including if:

  • The trainee enrols and commences qualification before notifying AAMC Training of the intended traineeship. AAMC Training will be required to decline the contract. 
  • Payment is outstanding longer than the agreed payment terms. 
  • Employer, supervisor or trainee does not complete required documents, attend meetings, or complete the on and off-the-job training requirements.

Other criteria may apply, and information on this page is subject to change at any time.

State funding may also be available in addition to the traineeship incentives; click here to read more.

Further information can be found at the Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships website AAMC Training refers employers and candidates to an Australian Apprenticeship provider to gain further, accurate information regarding their own circumstances. This information is subject to change and is a guide only.

Note: Some qualifications are not available as traineeships in all states.

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Legislation & Compliance FAQ

Continual Professional Development (CPD) provides each individual with a framework within which they must take responsibility for their own learning. A number of associations have CPD programs in place and the CPD has become a legal requirement in many sectors of the finance industry. Hours are awarded for each activity and these hours are set by the relevant associations or the regulatory bodies pertaining to the relevant profession.

AAMC Training Group is a wholly Australian owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO number 51428), operating nationally and internationally.

All of our qualification courses are both nationally recognised as well as recognised by the FBAA and MFAA.